The Millennial Pastors Podcast!

So, we have some exciting news to share!

The Millennial Pastor is branching out beyond the written word and into the world of podcasting! Pastor Erik and Pastor Courtenay are starting a podcast!

As with many projects these days, the COVID-19 Pandemic has been the kick in the pants needed to get things launched (not to mention our schedules cleared). A podcast has been on a dream for a while, but we did not have the resources to make it a reality.

Thanks to a grant from our larger church district, the Manitoba Northwestern Ontario Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (yes, it is a mouthful), we are able to actually start making this dream a reality.

The podcast is going to be an audio extension of this blog. So a lot of things that I have been writing about in this space, we will translate into an audio space. A medium that is a little more conversational and little less staring at a screen.

Our hope is to talk about doing ministry in the 21st century, about the cultural commutes between generations, and what it means 10 years into being pastors that so many still consider us to be young, new puppy leaders in the church.

So starting next month – September 2020 – we will be putting out 2 episodes a month.

(Listen to episode 0 in the player below).

From the Podcast Description:

It’s 2020 but the church is still acting like it is 1982. 
Ten years into this gig, and we are still trying to help the church into the future. 
We are iPhone Pastors for a Typewriter church. 

And this is a podcast for conversations about ministry in the 21st century. 

Join Pastors Erik and Courtenay, a couple of Lutheran pastors, as they navigate the challenges of serving people and congregations who are holding onto the past with a death grip. We are exploring ministry in this new world and in the midst of a pandemic, no less. This is the Millennial Pastors Podcast.

You can already find the podcast on Apple iTunes here.

And you can visit the podcast website at Podbean

And in the coming days it will be available on Google Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you download your favourite podcast.

If you liked episode 0 and are excited for what is to come, give us rating on Apple iTunes!

We are looking forward to this next adventure!


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