What have we done…

IMG_4927And now a break from regularly scheduled programming, for some personal news.

Two years ago in May of 2014, Courtenay and I welcomed our son Oscar into the world (you can read that story here). He emerged into the world only to step on our dreams and free time, and we couldn’t love him more for it.

Last October, Courtenay and I discovered that we would be welcoming another child into the world. But with less free time and fewer dreams to crush, our next child would be a joy to rival her older brother!

IMG_4928Well, on Wednesday morning, July 6th, 2016, Courtenay and I welcomed Maeve Dorothy Pearl Reedman Parker into the world. She was born by C-section at 10am sharp. She was 9lbs, 3 ounces and 21 inches long. Thankfully we opted for the surgical delivery before 48 hours of labour and our OB/GYN said we made the right choice.

Maeve (pronounced Mayv) is happy and healthy. She is a hungry little baby and only this morning, almost 48 hours after being born, she finally finding some time to sleep after eating non-stop.

IMG_4939Oscar is very happy to spend time with “Baby Maeve” any chance he can get. He would sit in her lap if we let him!

Courtenay is an amazing mother, and I am blessed to have her and now two beautiful, amazing children.


12 thoughts on “What have we done…”

  1. Congratulations Pastor Parker and blessings on you and your precious family. Just seeing those pictures of your wife and new born daughter gave me a lift of hope in these very violent times on the planet. Thank you. Craig

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  2. Pastors Eric and Courtney, she I beautiful. Already I see a strong resemblance to Oscar. Although you may have some crushed dreams, I think it is safe to say your beautiful, amazing children will give you new ones. Enjoy and delight in every second you can in the coming weeks. I’m looking forward to Oscar introducing me to his baby sister.

    Love Maxine

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  3. After reading this post my first thought is that she has five names! Most people only get a first and last and sometimes a middle name but this one has five!

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