UPDATED: Photo Caption Contest – Meet Jesus Here

So, now for something completely different on The Millennial Pastor.

As I was out for a walk with my family this morning, we walked past this sign: IMG_3590

While on the one hand I agree with the concept of meeting Jesus in worship, putting this on the kind of sign usually used to advertise a sale at the corner store, I had to stop and snap a photo.

Then my wife, Courtenay, started immediately thinking of captions. While aren’t trying to be mean or make fun, I think this could be a wealth of humour.

And so I am now putting this photo out to you, the readers of this blog. Download the photo, add a caption and email it back to me at: Millennialpastor@gmail.com and I will add the best ones to this post!

Or add a caption idea in the comments, I will add some of the best ones to the photo myself and post them here.

Let’s have some fun with this!

Here are a couple that Courtenay and I came up with:

Jesus Attends Jesus Book Signing

And here are some of funniest captions:

Sign my bible Rapure 10-31 Loaf Eating Contest Grape Flavour Aid

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